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번호 제품 및 특허내용 특허번호 구분
53 Boswellin®
Compositions and methods for the management of hyper-proliferative dermatological conditions
JP4820819 일본 특허
52 Ocufors®
Process for preparing water soluble diterpenes and their applications
JP5021305 일본 특허
51 Garcinol®
Hepatoprotectant activity of garcinol
JP5980228 일본 특허
50 Amla + Cococin™ + Se Peptide
Synergistic selenopeptide formulations for the protection of dermal papilla cells
JP6064274 일본 특허
49 LactoSporin®, LactoSporin® + SabiLize® + antimicrobial an…
Method of producing partially purified extracellular metabolite products from Bacillus coagulans and biological applications thereof
JP6126307 일본 특허
48 Cyperus
Scirpusin A and Scirpusin B and anti-obesity potential thereof
JP6135761 일본 특허
47 Calebin
Composition and method for the protection of articular cartilage
JP6142446 일본 특허
46 Olepent®
Oleanoyl Peptide composition and a method of treating skin aging
JP6176893 일본 특허
45 Calebin
Method for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia
JP6263707 일본 특허
44 Calebin
Calebin A for hepatic steatosis
JP6336943 일본 특허
43 BioPerine®
Use of piperine as a bioavailability enhancer
CA2247467 캐나다 특허
42 ForsLean®
Forskolin for promoting lean body mass
CA2281562 캐나다 특허
41 Ocufors®PS
Process for preparing water-soluble medicaments comprising complexation of forskolin in cyclodextrins
CA2537820 캐나다 특허
40 Calebinoids
Anti-obesity potential of Calebin A
CA2857543 캐나다 특허
39 Boswellin®PS
Composition for down-regulating pro-inflammatory markers
CA2732915 캐나다 특허
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