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Do you have special requirements? We provide custom manufacturing services from lab to production scale.

About Our Facilities:
US Facilities: Sabinsa facilities offer complete laboratory and pilot plant production facilities.
• Organic Synthesis Lab
• Analytical Laboratory
• Microbiological Research and Testing Lab
• Food Product Development Lab
• Herbal + Synthelic Products
• Fermentation Products
About Our Manufacturing Capabilities:
• Alkylation
• Cyanation & Cyanomethylation
• Decarboxylation
• Enantioselective Synthesis
• Fractional Distillation
• Friedel-Crafts Reaction
• Grignard Reaction
• Halogenation
• Hydrolysis
• Large Volume Extractions
•Low and High Temperature Reactions (-70°C to +250°C)
• Molecular Distillations
• Oxidation
• Ozonization
• Pyrolytic Reaction
• Reduction (Hydrogenation, Microbial)
•Sandmeyer's Reaction
• Soxhlet Extractions
• Spray Drying
• Vaccum Tray Drying
The products offered by Sabinsa Corporation are certified Kosher, with many certified Halal.
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